HeadToToe mHealth platform

HeadToToe is a SaaS mhealth platform for medical guidance management. One location to organize and access your entire institution's medical knowledge base, and disseminate knowledge across your organization.

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Made by doctors for health professionals

As medical doctors, we understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be to find the right information at the right time. We designed our platform specifically to fit the busy schedule of health professionals.

Available Anytime, Anywhere

HeadToToe allows quick and easy access to validated, high-quality and updated content. Hospitals are a maze, we are well aware. Stuck in the elevator or the operating room? WiFi not working? We got it covered with our smart caching system for offline content use.


Easy to use, Easy to maintain

HeadToToe is cloud-based and can be implemented in your institution without the need for in-house IT support.

Content management as never seen before

Thanks to our user-friendly administration interface, content management is easy and intuitive. No computer skills needed, and content management can be delegated to any person of your choice within your institution. Our personalized dashboard would give you an overview and important insights about your content and usage patterns.

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Understand your health professionals’ needs

As medical educators, we know that medical knowledge is evolving continuously and that each medical team has different needs. Thanks to automatic and real-time statistics you will be able to have an in-depth understanding of how your team uses medical knowledge. This will allow you to improve the content and your dissemination strategy based on real-world needs.

Increase reach of information

Timely notifications can help you go far, and our intelligent updating system makes sure that when new or updated information arrives, it’s everyone’s business.