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About Us

We are a team of healthcare professionals with expertise in medicinecomputer sciencemedical education and business operations. We have a deep understanding of clinical practice and understand how frustrating and time consuming it can be to find validated medical guidance.

This experience of being both developers and users of the platform helped us create a unique medical user experience to knowledge access and dissemination. We continuously strive to provide you with the most inclusive, innovative, customised and efficient solution to disseminate and access medical guidance.

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Galia Rosen-Schwarz, PhD

Co-Founder & CEO

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Ido Zamberg, MD

Co-Founder & Head of Product

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Olivier Windisch, MD

Co-Founder & Head of Clinical Research

Advisory Board


Pr. Eduardo Schiffer, MD-PhD


Our Journey

HeadToToe was founded in 2021 and was designed to promote clinical skills education in the Medical School of the University of Geneva, Switzerland though quickly evolved as a powerful tool to disseminate validated medical guidance. The platform was awarded the Credit Suisse Award for best teaching 2020 for its innovative contribution to medical pedagogy and is currently helping thousands of Health Professionals in the Geneva University Hospitals and many other healthcare organizations across the world to make quicker and safer clinical decisions.

Recently, our platform played an important role in increasing the reach of COVID19 related guidance for health professionals. Through recent peer-reviewed scientific publications, we have managed to show that our platform is user-friendly, time-efficient, relevant and reassuring in clinical practice.


As physicians and medical researchers, our goal is to promote quality medical education and patient care based on validated and evidence-based medical knowledge. We are thrilled by the opportunity to aid health institutions with educational and clinical decision making based on real-world data and enthusiastic for opportunities of research collaborations.

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